martes, 22 de julio de 2008

Who invented the Cell Phone?

Former Motorola employee, Dr. Martin Cooper, is credited with the invention of the first portable phone. Dr. Cooper made the first cellular phone call in April of 1973. He called his rival Joel Engel the head of research at Bell Labs. Although Bell Laboratories developed the idea of cell phones with technology originally used for communication between police cars, Dr. Cooper who worked for Motorola was the first person to use the technology in a portable phone that worked outside a car.

The first cell phone invented by Dr. Cooper was called the Motorola DynaTAC 8000X. Although it was technically a cell phone it hardly resembled the cell phones we use today. It weighed almost two pounds and was a foot long. The first cell phone was so expensive, costing almost $4000, that at first only businesses and the military had access to them. It took ten years or so before cell phones began to trickle down to the public and after that the industry took off.

Thanks to Dr. Cooper's invention, other companies began developing their own cellular phone prototypes and cell phones went from being 50 pound car phones, to two pound mobile phones, to three ounce multitasking tools. Although not originally available to the public, the cell phone became one of the most popular pieces of technology in a very short time. Today there are more cell phone lines than home lines.

Today Dr. Martin Cooper is the CEO of ArrayComm a wireless technology and systems company founded in 1992. There were mobile phones available prior to Dr. Cooper's invention but they required heavy equipment and were not truly portable as they could only be used in a car and would only work over a limited range. Cell phones are indispensable today and Dr. Martin Cooper will always be credited as the person who invented the cell phone. Thanks to him we have the modern communication network we enjoy today.

miércoles, 9 de julio de 2008

My House..

I like big house's but not extremaly beacause could be scared. I like a house with a big windows to can see all of the nature and deep breath air.

I want a big room with a confortable bed to can see a lot of movies and eating a lot too. My kitchen has to have all the utensils needed to do whatever I want. I like to have a room specially for a library to read confortable and relaxed.

My bathroom has to have big mirrors, towels and specially a heater.

My living room and dining room have to be complete with her dining table and her sofa.

I want too a pool and a mini-park in my house to having fun with my children.

That's all.. But the most important thing is be happy with your family and work hard to make your dreams come true.

My Vacations..

I really love Hawaii I think it's a good place to visit with your family. I like to visit Hawaii- Honolulu with my family and friends because you can do anything that you want, you can go to the beach, relax at spa or go to shopping and Idream to visit this place and spend a lot of money buying clothes, souvernirs and another kind of stuff...

I dream to go there and learn about another cultures, languages and typical food.

I recomend visit that place to having fun with her friends o family..

I hope to one day can go to Hawaii...

viernes, 30 de mayo de 2008

Ted’s and Ana.. a fairy tale...

Ted and Ana were rollerblading in the park when they crushed into each other, they start to talk. She told Ted. She was born in Argentina and that it was her second time in the park, Ted told her that he was from USA and that it was his first time rollerblading. They introduced themselves and fell in love inmediatly, next day they went to a restaurant , weeks later Ted met Ana’s Family and she met Ted’s Family. Months later she got pregnant and the got married, the were tired of raise the baby, but finally the baby grow up. Ted and Ana started to teach rollerblade to the baby.
There is the drawing..

Dear Mayor Di Martino

Maracaibo, Zulia
University Rafael Belloso Chacín URBE
Tel: 0414-6389729
Dear Mayor Di Martino
I writte you because I have something to say, Maracaibo it's a great City, we have everything here, nice people, beautiful streets and the Education is really good! But we don't have much security and that's very important to the people live here because we have to have four eyes when we go outside, another important thing is the "Carritos" could be a good idea If you and the help with the President give to the people that can't buy a new car, give some cars very cheap to that person could mobilize and work hard and very comfortable.
I hope read this letter, with you the city could be better if help the people here.
I dismissal
Nilmar Atencio

miércoles, 7 de mayo de 2008

Something that you don't know..

I LOVE all series that you can know, one of them is prison break, that kind of serie it's really awesome. I enjoy too gossip girl and my wife and kids. I recommend that you can watch that 'Cause you're gonna have so much fun...

Hellooo, Welcome everybody..

Helloo, Welcome eveyboy, I hope enjoy my blog.
see you....!
bye byee....*
take care all of you...-